Take a break!

Take a break and be present!

I love my digital devices and some “odd” friends would describe me as extremely addicted to the digital world and that I will need an “Apple funeral” with iPhones and MacBooks as grave goods – just kidding! And hopefully this event is “100” years away…

But seriously, we all need some real time-outs in the nature or with friends without checking obsessively our mail account or writing text messages…. And please, don´t check in your rest period which person has changed status in Facebook or who was “online” in WhatsApp but didn’t answer your message…

In some professions it´s the official standard to work 24/7 but it´s completely nonsense!  Even workaholics are not able to work concentrated in this way and be honest the “I´m so busy” attitude is only a projection of other issues. Most of us could say NO!

Attempt to be present in the nature, see the beauty, enjoy the conversations with friends or colleagues and try to concentrate on the taste of your favorite meal. Today we are so distracted that we are not able to feel with our senses! Sometimes a short break is enough to feel the surrounding, the nature and the joy of living!



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