Being brave and fearless in making a change!


I´ve read so many books about living a meaningful life, how to deal with difficult life changing situations, but right now I was really impressed from the writing of Arianna  Huffington.

In her book “On Becoming Fearless… in Love, Work and Life” she had perfectly expressed the main traps in our lives and how we can change our mindset.

To walk away from difficult situations in love, work and life creates for most people a  fearful situation. “Sometimes you just have to get sick and tired of being sick an tired to be willing  to face an uncertain future rather than stay in a painful present.”

160506_oliver-schulze1423My personal experience was also a way through many tough times and challenges but sometimes you can see that there is no point of return and you need the courage to make a real change in your life. The fear of loss and pain makes us avoid risks by staying in unhealthy relationships or jobs, but these patterns brings us away from love, passion and our real life goals. Many people are so used to live a life in a defensive way that they don´t see the opportunities and the personal achievements. Living a life with meaning and fulfillment means for many of us that we have to step in complete new areas and we need to release the past and old patterns to live the life we want to live.

Arianna Huffington began to examine the ways in which fear affects all our lives. In stories drawn from her own experiences and from the lives of other women, she points toward the moments of extraordinary strength, courage, and resilience that result from confronting and overcoming fear.



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