Flow and the question “What is a good life?”

After a long period of changes and some pressuring challenges in my life I was finally able to make some deep shifts in my business and private environment. As a founder and executive director of several companies in marketing and life sciences I was always overwhelmed with strategic and financial functions and the question how to lead “the good life” was somehow always in my head but easy to postpone again and again. “What is a good life?” and how can I bring passion and love in my daily business activities and how can I be completely authentic in all areas of life?

To attract my “dream business” and my “dream life” it was essential to make a deep shift in my personal awareness, my daily habits and my inner wishes hidden in my soul. The main question was: Who am I? What is the purpose for my life? How can I be fulfilled and satisfied on a consistent basis with meaning and respect? I´ve red tons of books, hired two coaches and after I finally left my last successful CEO position I was able to let it go and was open to start living my dream with some magic changes in my personal life balance and my business surroundings. Creating a healthier world and building an “umbrella business – Health 2030” integrating all my personal strengths and ideas.

But to be honest, these game changing inspirations came not naturally to me and like most people I was finally able for a change after I experienced very tough times – sleepless, overworked and a divorce. This was the point where I began to involve another lifestyle and the searching for meaning in my life. I had problems with asthma combined with terrible sleeplessness over years and after my first changes I discovered that all these problems vanished in a very short time because of reducing my personal stress factors.

Again and again there was a big question in my head: Can the goal of life really be just about money and recognition and how can we bring more love and passion in our daily lives? It´s easy to let ourselves get consumed by our work and to forget the things and the people that truly sustain us. After a radical cut in my life I have experienced how hard it is to stick to new patterns and not falling backwards in wrong and not authentic lifestyles again. In some kind we are all weak and in the normal daily life we forget very fast the sadness and trouble of former days. I also had this problem as I made a step backwards because of a company issue and after several months I discovered first symptoms of a burnout. I was always online, answered mails in the middle of the night and a tremendous pressure brought me to the point that I was hardly able to follow a private conversation with my lovely daughter and it was suddenly very clear: I need some next radical changes!

p9050118I started to walk every day in the morning for 45 minutes and listening to audio books on finding the path to a fulfilled and joyful life. In the meantime this morning routine has become so important for me and it give me some moments of calmness and faith for the day. Beside this I took time to develop a concept for my wishes, life dreams and began to work with some coaches on overcoming old patterns. But this is still a huge challenge because it´s sometimes so difficult to find the real truth behind some emotions and activities. Really understanding some of our inner wishes means that we can open our mind to new ideas, to creativity and new life concepts. And we can be open to new and different people which can help us to transform our lives when we have the honesty and the willingness to go deeper in our heart.

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