The power of being consistent – stay on your game!

Most of us are struggling with being consistent and working on our dreams. Our daily lives are overwhelmed with so many distractions that it´s easy to loose our original ideas. But being consistent is one of the most important things in almost any category: well-being, business targets, relationships, emotional health or fitness. Being consistent is essential if you want to make any significant change in your life. It’s also a must have skill if you’re looking to kick some serious ass and become world-class.

It´s pretty important to have  a clear vision on why you want to achieve something. For example: My dream was always to make a change in health behavior and being an active  part in making a difference in our health awareness. This was always important to me and I have a hundert percent commitment for this goal.
Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

Learn more about how to to be more consistent – 5 steps to get things done by Marie Forleo:

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