The power of our mobile devices – can our device change who we are?

I´m excited about technology and all the countless opportunities for the future. But on the other hand I´m afraid that especially mobile devices are a booster for solitude and a long-term change in our behaviors. I sleep with my device, I walk with my device, I hear audio books with my device and whenever I have a feeling of uncertainty I take my device looking to messages, to WhatsApp, to my photos and I try to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of loneliness. I live with my device and sometimes I´m scared that we all remove ourselves from being present, having full intention for other people and enjoying the moment.

DSC_4902The question is how we relate to each other in a modern digital world without losing emotional contact within our relationships. A short text message can make you feel happy because a message like “good luck” or “You will rock it!” or “My thoughts are with you!” makes us feeling good and needed. And if you are having a long-distance relationship for example short messages can help to bridge the time in the meantime.

But, is the device producing a new mentality: The not too far, not too closed mentality!

I love real conversations face to face and I´m extremely interested in people, their personal development in life, their dreams and how people can manage to bring all these new opportunities together. But often, the real emotions are hidden because the device can´t show you the face behind the message, you can´t see the eyes of the person.

Young people are often scared about real conversations because it take place in real time and you can not control what gonna say. Texting presents us in a way we wanna be, we can work it out.

I´m convinced that short messages are working for short informations and nice messages for luck and love, but it´s not sufficient for learning about each other or building up a real understanding for each other.

Many people prefer to text than to talk. I myself made some very unpleasant experiences with writing long mails because the other person was not available or willing to talk. This can be a tremendous trap in relationships because of misunderstandings and hiding the real feelings.

For real life success in every area of life we need true empathy and the opportunity for reflection. But if we are texting and writing we are going to lose these capabilities more and more and we are limiting the exchange of insights and emotions. Are we expecting more from technology and less from each other? Maybe yes, sometimes. In some way, we are all lonely and afraid of intimacy. Social networks bring us an illusion of companionship without the demands of friendships and losing control.

_DSC0130_2Our mobile device gives us the unrealistic feeling that we are never alone and we can share every idea with our networks, friends and family. But this constant feeling of connection can change our behavior because we define ourselves over what we share in our community.

Actually, I don´t know the right way. I´m sure that awareness of these phenomenons is helping us to act in a more conscious way with more empathy, less addiction to our mobile devices and being present with ourselves.

It´s time to talk again!


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