We turn health- and life science ideas into companies!

We bring scientists, founders, ideas and capital together and as co-founders our team of experts provides operational support.

Scouting new business concepts and partnering is one of our main service fields!
You have an innovative drug development or an outstanding technology to offer and are looking for a partner to assess, use and progress it?
As a specialized partner in life sciences and health, collaboration is key to us, and we aim to be your partner of choice.
Submit your technology or project and we will jointly explore opportunities for collaborations and financing.
Our network includes a growing number of innovative companies and research institutions from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, especially those focusing on biotech, pharmaceuticals, bioeconomy, medical devices and digital health solutions.

Mega Trend Life Sciences

Health and life sciences are the mega trends of the next decade and will significantly shape and change our lifestyle, therapies and diagnostics.
New impact and research approaches will change the global markets and open up a multitude of exciting opportunities for innovative business models.
LifeSciences2030 empowers young companies and scientists to translate these trends into economically successful business concepts.
From research to application with sustainable and responsible concepts for a healthier future!


We identify new products, technologies and game changing approaches in health and life sciences.
We are constantly seeking founders who are the driving force behind the implementation of business models.
As a company builder, our first task is to assemble an excellent start-up team that best fits the business idea.

We empower entrepreneurs and scientific teams to create successful companies – together for a healthier life!


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