I’ve been influenced by health topics most of my life.
Over the last three decades I have been a writer and founder of several companies in marketing and life sciences – entrepreneurship is one of my favorite tasks.
Beside these strategic and financial driven functions I’ve been extremely curious about human potential, healthy attitudes and the deeper meaning of human patterns regarding well-being and health. In some areas we are all weak and most of us struggle with unhealthy habits every day. I´m passionate in finding ways for a mindful, happy and healthy lifestyle in our private- and business life in a sustainable way.

My mission is to help people to live a healthier life!
I want to help people in private and business to integrate a sustainable healthy behavior and to develop health ideas for a better world – I want to make a change together with YOU and I support THE GLOBAL GOALS for better health and well-being!
Let´s make a change to be an unstoppable force for health – together with passion and love!

Here are my main topics:

# health activist #take healthy action #take care 4 life
Take action – make a change!


For as long as I can remember, I was keen about many other things which are not connected with my corporate business life in the first glimpse. I´m passionate about writing, people, photography, creativity, psychology, motivation, design, health and philanthropy etc.! Over many years I put pressure on me in finding a way how I can truly integrate all my activities in my life although many people told me, that I need focus! I´m a writer, photographer, creator, entrepreneur, innovator, traveler, gourmet, seeker, advisor, analyst, designer, mother, ruler, motivator, psychologist …..
Like most people I´ve absorbed a lifestyle that was not meant to integrate all my abilities in my daily work and the “business should be thought” was covering my real dream: Creating a healthier world and building an “umbrella business” integrating all my personal strengths and ideas.
To attract my “dream business” it was essential to make a deep shift in my personal awareness, my daily habits, my inner wishes hidden in my soul and to step out of the judgement circle around me.